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Hellen Jo x Jen Wang at GR2 Video and Audio

The Talk took place on 10.30.16 and although it was a rainy morning, people came out to hear Hellen Jo and Jen Wang talk about indie comics and art. Although it was for the both of them to talk about whatever they wanted, Jen Wang definitely took control and came prepared to unpeel Hellen Jo just a tiny bit. Enjoy. It's fruitful.   The YouTube video is embedded above but can also be accessed at the YouTube Link. The Audio is located at our Soundcloud page or embedded below.    More photos at our flickr page.

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Small Business Caturday - Photo Set

Small Business Saturday is a farce. The big box stores are still packed, the small shops, not as much. Yet the four ladies came up with Small Business Caturday, a more realistic day. Pictured below is Zoe Ruiz, Mari Naomi, Jen Wang, and Yumi Sakugawa. They did comic readings of stories with cats in them and although it wasn't an evening about shopping, it was sweet. They did sign some books afterwards. The best ending to the evening was see a stray cat family in the back parking lot being looked after by some passers by.  We'll get those signed books online today! Here's the link. link to the flickr photo set.  

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Giant Robot Time: 11.21.14 – Katsuya Terada Live Analog Drawing + Book Signing This Sunday at GR2!

giant robot time 11.21.14 | art by: katsuya terada   Katsuya Terada - LIVE ANALOG Drawing + SigningSunday, November 23, 2 pm (Signing session afterwards)Join us in Katsuya Terada's live drawing session. We'll make every effort to project on screen, the movements of Katsuya Terada. Like his digital session, we'll set up benches and he'll be available to answer questions. He'll use a marker and will draw on a large sheet of paper affixed to our wall at GR2.  Event Can't make the signing? Order now and we'll get it signed!     Post-It TenSaturday, December 6, 4 pm (Sales Begin)Giant Robot and Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson Present Post-It Ten at GR2.Post-It is a curated event featuring 330...

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