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The History of A Chinese American Family in Toledo, OH

There’s about 3264 Chinese folks in Toledo, Ohio. This is an article about one family that sort of can represent them. Although it’s about one family, this one could be just like yours. The article is a good history refresher for you Asian American history buffs. For the article the paper interviewed 40 Asian Americans. Good job, Toledo Blade! (Toledoblade – Chinese Americans)

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NY Times on NBA’er Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin gets a write up in the NY Times. It has nothing to do with playing time, since he hasn’t had any that really counts. Yet, there’s a lot of hopes riding on him making it on a team, even if it’s being the last guy on the bench. He might have problems if or when Baron Davis comes back, but for now, he has a spot. For the “Asians in us,” we need to know how much money is he making. $788,000. Guaranteed if he makes it through past Feb 10th. (NY Times – Jeremy Lin)

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