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The History of A Chinese American Family in Toledo, OH

There’s about 3264 Chinese folks in Toledo, Ohio. This is an article about one family that sort of can represent them. Although it’s about one family, this one could be just like yours. The article is a good history refresher for you Asian American history buffs. For the article the paper interviewed 40 Asian Americans. Good job, Toledo Blade! (Toledoblade – Chinese Americans)

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Five People Who Should Buy The Great Wall of China

Mining is some provinces are ruining The Great Wall of China. Yes, the wall is super long. Longer than what’s really ever looked at. It could be a tourist trap someday nearly everywhere, when trips to China become easy and inexpensive. It is a huge place. However for now, their number one tourist trap is being ruined by miners who want that quick dollar. If it’s going to get that messed up, why not just sell pieces. The Wall police will surely not catch anyone. Here’s some ideas who who to sell to. 1) 6 Flags. Make a theme park around it. Great Wall Rides, Burgers, rickshaw rides, and costumed peasants will round this out into a great experience. 2)...

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A Chariot UnEarthed in China

Why did people bury things like this? Were the horses killed for the burial? Surely. It’s amazing how intact this site is, and what will they do with this? There’s not much information on this yet, but there were many chariots and horses. (National Geographic – Chariots of China)

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