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Interview with Zine Publisher Aaron Cometbus

Opening up the digest sized zine, Cometbus, you'll often see handwritten text within the obscured cover art. The insides appear to be undoubtedly created without the use of a computer, yet Cometbus heavily inspired the publication of Giant Robot. The writing was insightful and something I aspired to. I never met Aaron Cometbus, however we've corresponded via snail mail long ago and since then has become occasional emails. He penned a nice foreward for the Giant Robot Oakland Museum of California exhibition catalog. (photos by Chrissy Piper) GR: After researching just a bit, it turns out you’ve been in more bands than I thought. Some are from the early 80s when you were probably in your early teens. How did you...

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Case 2 is a smaller one that's near the entrance of the Giant Robot Installation at the Japanese American National Museum Biennale 4. I'll try and explain what everything is.  From upper left: 1. Yoskay Yamamoto made a pewter version of his Astroboy head. It's super heavy and limited. It's a great piece. I have a red one as well which has a different shape. When I got burglarized at home, the thief took the red Astroboy out of the velvet bag and left it. I wonder what he thought it was.  2. Black and white photo is of myself and Martin Wong at a zine fest in Seattle in the 90s.  3. Souther Salazar Post it Show art piece....

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Show Review: Carsick Cars at the Redwood Bar; Zine Reviews: Cometbus, Radon, Moshpit, Perpetually 12

On Sunday night, the Maybe Mars crew from Beijing made a stop in Downtown L.A.’s Redwood Bar with their flagship band Carsick Cars. I got there just in time to catch White + (featuring Carsick’s guitarist and singer Shouwang Zhang with drummer Wang Xu from The Gar). Their last song had a cool Krautrock-style drone that I’d like to hear more of. Carsick Cars has a new bass player and drummer but played the great, melodic, Sonic Youth-informed old stuff and snuck in some new, more rocking sounds as well. Shouwang is still an axe master, mixing the minimal technique of Steve Reich with the hooks of Pavement and making Carsick Cars the best gateway band to the Chinese indie...

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