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Mechanized Robot Kuratas

[youtube]2iZ0WuNvHr8[/youtube]   It’s a game, no it’s a robot! It’s only 1.35 million dollars. It’s Kuratas by Suidobashi Heavy Industry. The weapons are all in fun, except the gun does contain BBs. The aim has facial recognition, so it tracks humans. If you (the shooter) smiles, the gun starts firing! Want?!   videolink (it’s different than the Youtube video)  

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Zombie – Resident Evil Restaurant

Japan, of course. “Biohazard Cafe and Grill S.T.A.R.S restaurant” will the name, and they’re sell some limited good, it’ll supposedly last a year and really, that’s all the info Capcom and game folks have figured out. The easiest part might be the menu. It can be straight up ugly and crappy and it’ll still work. (Huffpo – Zombie) Biohazard  

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