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  JAPANESE AMERICAN NATIONAL MUSEUM PRESENTS: GIANT ROBOT ARTISTS’ ENTOURAGE WORKSHOP W/ ROB SATO SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2-4PM FREE ADMISSION ALL-DAY Come make some watercolor paintings with artist Rob Sato! Attendees will learn watercolor texture techniques and how to use masking in this workshop. Materials provided. Giant Robot Artists’ Entourage Workshop with Rob Sato is happening in conjunction with JANM’s Target Free Family Saturday: Pop Culture. Facebook event. More info. HINT MINTAUDREY KAWASAKI - HOLIDAY SERIES New release from Hint Mint’s limited edition artist series. DECOR CRAFTPENGUIN SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS Pass the salt takes a new meaning with these wind-up penguin salt and pepper shakers! MATT ADRIAN THE MINCING MOCKINGBIRD GUIDE TO TROUBLED BIRDS An illustrated pocket field guide that enables anyone to quickly identify psychotic, violent or mentally unstable bird species. FOUND MAGAZINE #8 FOUND #8 reveals the entire spectrum of human emotion, one lost scrap of paper at a time, and introduces you to an indelible, irascible cast of real-life characters. GAMA-GO - MAGIC MUG (RISE AND SHINE) Heat-sensitive mug magically reveals the woods waking up when hot liquid is poured into it. DECOR CRAFT- CHALKBOARD THERMAL CERAMIC CUP The look and simplicity of a paper cup but created with a writable chalkboard surface. SLINGSHOT COLLECTIVE ORGANIZER 2013 The Slingshot Collective is a radical activist group based out of Berkeley, CA. CHRIS WARE BUILDING STORIES A fully-apportioned variety of reading material ready to address virtually any imaginable taste. WORK AND NON WORK SUSIE GHAHREMANI NOVEMBER 17 – DECEMBER 5, 2012 RECEPTION: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 6:30-10PM Susie Ghahremani’s work is eye catching and quickly heart warming. Her painting style is smooth and echoes her life long interests in nature, animals, music and patterns. Ghahremani graduated from RISD in 2002 and continues her own business, “boygirlparty” in various forms including gift items, crafts and more. This exhibition, Work and Non Work (the title borrowed from an album by Broadcast) “emphasizes the experimentation and play of my miniatures and drawings that I’ll be showing juxtaposed with the framed pieces.” Facebook event. More info. BEAU SIA AUTHOR SIGNING & READING THE UNDISPUTED GREATEST WRITER OF ALL TIME SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 3-4PM Beau Sia’s first written works in 7 years. The slam poet star, actor, writer and performer sheds more light on where his mind and spirit are at. This is a book of recent works that explores a new chapter in his career. He’ll read from his latest book, “The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time”. More info.       D-CON 2012 PHOTO SET By GIANT ROBOT NEWS Thanks to Kat Rivera for some pics. >> OBAMA MAKING POST PRESIDENTIAL VICTORY SPEECH By GIANT ROBOT NEWS The speeches won’t end, this was shot by Cate Park who’s not far away from The President and First Lady. Who knew, there’s more speeches after the public speech? >> SON OF ANIMAL STYLE AT SDAFF RECAP By MARTIN WONG Having skateboarding-related or -inspired videos made by friends alongside indie flicks like Daylight Savings...
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NOW AVAILABLE NEW WORK BY JENI YANG Artwork from our most recent exhibition at Giant Robot 2 is now available in our online gallery. KUMQUAT BABY CLOTHING GIANT ROBOT PRINT Kumquat is a longtime friend of Giant Robot. They create insanely cute and hip baby clothes like these featuring a pattern of the GR mascot. UGLYDOLL X FUNKO SDCC LIMITED EDITIONS We’re excited to carry special San Diego Comic-Con varieties of Funko’s popular Uglydoll vinyl figures. These super fresh varieties are a unique addition to any collection. WAGE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GR EDITION SIGNED BY DAVID HORVATH Celebrate Wage’s birthday by taking home your very own signed GR Edition. In addition, the box is signed by creator David Horvath and comes with commemorativebuttons and Cubeecraft paper Wage.
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    I AM FINE EISHI TAKAOKA SOLO EXHIBITION MAY 5 – MAY 30, 2012    Eishi Takaoka’s work is coming back. Although the sculptures of Eishi Takaoka all portray the same serene expression, their outwardly calm façade belies a world of bottled-up emotions. With nowhere to go, these intense feelings manifest themselves in outlandish formations that sprout out of the top of each figure’s head. The uniquely sculpted heads of Takaoka are rooted in a personal fantasy world that is fueled by the emotional ups and downs of daily life in lower-middle class Japan. He instills his frustration with life in Kagoshima and feelings of isolation into each of the pieces, which are comprised of carved wood painted with raw mineral pigments placed atop empty glass medicine bottles. Takaoka’s pieces have been seen in group shows in Tokyo and New York, one-person exhibitions at Giant Robot New York and GR2 in Los Angeles, and on the cover of novelist Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore. For this exhibition, Takaoka will create 34 sculptures at Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles. See the exhibit. AARTING – BLANKIE DESIGNER SERIES 1 FIGURE Blankie is a great new blind box figure series from aarting. 12 different figures designed by artists from around the world. Artists include, Matucha, Miss Shelby, Cvele, Atomic1970, and more. SHINZI KATOH SERENO HELLOTOTE Shinzi Katoh creates some of the cutest products around. Four leaf clovers are extra lucky when gifted by your crush. Sprouting flowers and clovers on back side. Made of a durable canvas material. MINI TAPE ROLL ROBOTS Add this robot pattern to your mundane taping tasks. It’s sure to make your craft projects cooler. P+G DESIGN POCHI PANDA POUCH Are the contents of your purse not cute enough? Now it is! What a cute Panda Bear face on this silicone pouch. YOSHITOMO NARA LITTLE WANDERER FIGURE Drag the Little Wanderer back a bit, let it go, and it propels itself across whatever flat surface you like. Beautiful, classy design which is what to expect from Yoshitomo Nara products. TAKASHI MURAKAMI MINI TOWEL Superb mini hand towels from world renowned Supeflat artist Takashi Murakami. Made of soft terry cloth material. MOLESKINE SKETCHBOOK The cover is plain black, the blue stripe is just a piece of paper. Interior pages are heavy paper. EGGLING PETUNIA Grow your own flowers in this nature inspired planter. Just crack open and water. LOS ANGELES ASIAN PACIFIC FILM FESTIVAL MAY 10 – MAY 20, 2012   Surrogate Valentine: 5/12; Surrogate Valentine 2: 5/12, 5/13; Tormented: 5/12; Dragon: 5/14 PHOTOGRAPHS OF TōHOKU By MICHAEL ARIAS     As previously posted on GR, I made several trips to the northern countryside of Japan in the days and weeks following the disaster of 3/11. And, though the intent of these ragtag “missions,” was primarily humanitarian, I took many photos along the way, posting them with my reports on these pages. I recently culled the most evocative of those shots for display at the 12th incarnation of...
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Giant Robot 2 (GR2) as you know it is going to change in 2012. In just a few days, there will be some light construction. Our “little big planet” will shift off it’s axis just a little and a new GR2 will be born and at the same time, a slightly different GR1 will emerge at the same time.

GR2 began in 2003 with a solo exhibition by our close friend David Choe in a hybrid space that focused on art, artists products, house wares and more. Since then, we’ve had at least one exhibition a month and in 2012, we’ll continue in a much larger space dedicated to art. We’ll have all four walls white and available as a challenge to the many artists we work with and they’ll have to rise to the challenge.

Aside from art exhibitions, we’ve featured various book signings, video game nights and even concerts. We’ll continue those too. Also, some of you don’t realize having a space like GR2 expanded that the hard work from GR2 developed into the other offsite shows including ones with Toyota Scion and Giant Robot Biennale which took place in 2007, 2009, and will happen again in 2012.

In a quickly sketched Illustrator mock-up that is less exciting than the concept and hopefully result, you’ll have to imagine that merchandise will be transferred to Giant Robot 1. Art items will remain, the shelves pulled off and the posters, prints and extra art will be displayed in a smaller section towards the front. The artists will have double the space, if not a bit more to work with. I’ll post photos as it takes place.

That said we’ll be closed a few days in early January and a Pvrinted Matter show is scheduled to begin Jan 11, 2012. It’s been a great ride so far, and hopefully by adding and subtracting, it’ll be that much more exciting.

Apak!, Chris Bettig, Jude Buffum, Burlesque Printing, Louise Chen, Shawn Cheng, David Choe, James Chong, Dutch Door Press, ENFU, Ines Estrada, Jesse Fillingham, Hilary Florido, Matt Furie, Gabe Gonzales, Kio Griffith, Seonna Hong, Kerry  Horvath, Michael & Pearl  Hsiung, Martin Hsu, Mari Inukai, Jeremyville, Kaori Kasai, kozyndan, Jesse LeDoux, Little Friends of Printmaking, Bradford Lynn, Dan McCarthy, Gary Musgrave, Masato Nakada, Saelee Oh, Martin Ontiveros, Panorama Press, Sidney Pink, Albert Reyes, Jay Ryan, Jessica Seamans, Ryan Jacob Smith, Dave Stolte, Diana Sudyka, Deth P. Sun, Jesse Tise, Aiyana Udesen, Justin Wallis, Jing Wei, Kent Williams, Aaron Woes Martin, Sashiko Yuen
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