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Obama Fried Chicken

This has been online for a few days, and it’s still the only photo that we’ve seen of Obama’s Fried Chicken. Is it really a a chicken place, or just a cheap cloth banner art project? We don’t know and it seems like no one knows as it’s just this one photo circulating on the web. Maybe it’s Chinese graf doing it’s job. Why not shoot just a little lower and show more? Here today, gone tomorrow. But that would make a funny T shirt. Anyone? [youtube]5peC9wFu64w[/youtube] Is this the best Obama they could find?!!    

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Banksy Goes Back to the Future and Does Anti Japanese American Graffiti

Graf-prankster, Bansky. He kickstarted the Flux Capacitor, jumped in the Delorean with Marty and Doc and went back to the Pasadena, March 1945. He then busted out the stencils and paint and made a political statement that’s racist but thought provoking. Poor folks, they didn’t keep the piece, which is now worth multi millions of dollars. The Paulings family were residents in Altadena, CA and merely hired a recently released Japanese American internee (concentration camp), to be a gardener. They were against Executive Order 9066, which basically put JA’s behind barbed wire and were outspoken about it. They made efforts to bring the graffiti perpetrators to justice but had no such support from the police or FBI. Their gardener, George...

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Shepard Fairey – Chicago

Best known in Chicago for his Barack Obama “Hope” poster in 2008, artist Shepard Fairey has left his mark on our lakefront. Under Lake Shore Drive, at the Viaduct for Grand Ave. he created a 130 by 10 feet “Obey” mural featuring record album-like cover works. As part of the Navy Pier Walk 2011 art exhibition, which is billed as the largest outdoor installation of its kind in the country (officially opens July 1), his work will remain up through October.

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