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I don’t like the way your looking at me Mario….

 by Robert Bruce

On day one Xbox’s focus, as far as I could tell, was primarily on Kinect games and Halo 4. I don’t blame them at all, but their floor area was very sparse, and most of that floor was either the gargantuan line for Halo 4, or people demonstrating a couple choice Kinect based games; including a Marvel-Avengers-esque game, a dancing game and some other games that didn’t really grab my attention (I believe one was the Wreckateer which is a sort of Kinect version of Angry Birds that certainly has some promise). Behind this section was a number of smaller XBLA games, which actually interested me more than any of the above games. Deadlight caught my eyes more than any of the other things showcased in the XBLA section. Deadlight reminded me a lot of the old-school Blizzard’s Blackthorne, only with zombies and many generations forward in graphics tech. The game is a “2d-esque” side-scroller that takes you through a zombie laden apocalypse; and I realize how boring that sounds conceptually. What’s interesting is the the lighting effects or lack thereof that contribute to the challenge and feel of the game. Lush city-scape backgrounds and a great job of atmosphere contribute to what looks to be an interesting game experience.


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