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E3 and the state of things pt. 2

I don’t like the way your looking at me Mario….  by Robert Bruce On day one Xbox’s focus, as far as I could tell, was primarily on Kinect games and Halo 4. I don’t blame them at all, but their floor area was very sparse, and most of that floor was either the gargantuan line for Halo 4, or people demonstrating a couple choice Kinect based games; including a Marvel-Avengers-esque game, a dancing game and some other games that didn’t really grab my attention (I believe one was the Wreckateer which is a sort of Kinect version of Angry Birds that certainly has some promise). Behind this section was a number of smaller XBLA games, which actually interested me more than any...

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Nintendo Not Going to Profit as Big as Hoped

Is Nintendo back? Not exactly, but it posted it’s first loss last year, but this year it’s still not going as well as they hoped. Why? Cellphone games. While projects from our friend, Zach Gage who made Spelltower can rank high in app sales for iPhones and be made by the hand of one humble guy, a company with thousands of employees who are wholesaling, subcontracting, and so forth are getting beat out. Are 3DS sales on the rise, is the Nintendo U catching on? Maybe just a bit and that’s their profit right there. Meanwhile, games everywhere else seems to grow.

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GR Game Review: Zuma’s Revenge DS

by Robert Bruce (special guest reviewer from our close friends, Angry Bananas) Oh hai there, I’m reviewing Zuma’s Revenge. The game is Zuma’s Revenge, it’s the same game Popcap has been re-releasing onto every single console they can for the past couple of years. I guess this is the “sequal” to the original Zuma? To me, who is admittedly not a Zuma afficianado, it seems to be the same EXACT game they have been releasing on every console since… many moons ago, regardless of the title change. It’s not a bad idea, mind you. I see lot’s of profit in the Popcap buisness model. Regurgitation of a succesful game, especially a simple game of this nature that doesn’t get old...

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