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The Last Day For Satsuma Imports on Sawtelle

The day arrived for the second closure of the old school Sawtelle businesses. First it was George's Hardware next door to GR2 who closed just last month and today was the final day for Satsuma Imports. I remember going into Satsuma Imports as a kid. There was a pond in back and a tiny bridge that would take you across to the other side which had a bit more retail. If I have my story straight, Don Sakai's uncle purchased the building 1939 and at some point in the early 60s, Satsuma Imports opened just a few doors down. Don told the story today, that at some point Satsuma then moved to its current location and was run by his father....

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Huell Howser Retires – His Stroll on Sawtelle

Huell Howser retires quietly. That’s me way back in 2002, when Huell Howser walked through Sawtelle Blvd and used his Southern charm. He was a nice guy and did everything, one take. That’s sort of his charm. There are no errors. If he doesn’t know, he asks. Hope he’s doing ok. He’s rumored to be ill. The video is low resolution, but you’ll be able to see him, his charm and the beginning of the GR store. (LA Times – Huell Howser)

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