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Adam Pfahler of California (and Jawbreaker) on Save Music in Chinatown 3

As soon as I found out that my pal Adam Pfahler was in a new band that was starting to play shows, I asked him if they would play our next Save Music in Chinatown benefit. And then they said yes. Wow. The group not only features Adam (who was in Jawbreaker, J Church, Whysall Lane, all among my favorite bands) but Jason White (from Monsula, Pinhead Gunpowder, Green Day, and a bunch of other favorite bands) and Dustin Clark (The Insides, who I’m guessing that I’ll love). So cool of them to book their first SoCal tour around our punk matinee/benefit show for music education at Castelar Elementary that will take place on Sunday, May 18. How could I not ask him some questions about playing...

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Top Five for January 2013

Top Five from January 2013 1 Oshogatsu Osecchi – January 1st, the best day of the year. It’s when our family gets together and hangs out all day. It starts early and proceeds throughout the day. It’s a pretty food fest and it’s like every holiday put together into one. Photos 2 Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler‘s Talk at GR2. January 5th. We’ll have to try and do more of these. Hosting a retro talk about a beloved band was simple to put on, but fun to hear. Seeing the fans and friend line up to meet Adam afterwards was even better. [youtube]8aBdk6Grbyc[/youtube] 3 LA Times Calendar Section front page article. January 17th. An honor to be featured on the first...

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GR2: Jawbreaker Day 1/5/13 2-4pm Saturday

When: January 5th Saturday 2-4pm Where: Giant Robot 2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 310-445-9276 You got it. January 5th, Saturday 2-4pm. Meet Adam Pfahler, drummer of Jawbreaker. He’ll do a little bit of story time with slides. You can ask him questions, and then he’ll sign some of his albums. We’ll have his new re-releases and T shirts! 

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