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Customs with the Kizuna Kids

Kizuna is a small organization in Southern California. They run a summer camp among other things. They haven’t had an art program before, so today was the day. It’s spring break for some youngsters and custom figures sounded like the right call. With the help of JANM for the supplies and DKE (Dov) for a significant break on the figures, a fun program was born for nearly no budget which is how tight an event like this will run. I showed some slides of figures to spark some imaginations, and off the kids went. Of course at the end, the boys did battle with their figures which had jetpacks and missiles. I’ll be doing this one more time.

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JANM Entourage High Schoolers Making Stuff

I tried to help teach a class of kids at JANM. Using the Big Boss Robot, their job was to make something fun with what materials they had-glue guns, wire, paint, and general junk. All part of the Biennale! It’s hard to talk to High School kids, I could see them peering at me, wondering “wtf does this guy know?” Or perhaps it’s the complete opposite… and them thinking, “wtf do I know…” Either way, I think they listened. Once they got the robots in their hands, they got to work quick. [nggallery id=JANM-Entourage-Giant-Robot]

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