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Ochinko and Owchinko in Japanese

I have waited and waited and waited for this one to come up. I didn’t want to be the one who brought up this guy from the tombs of baseball. But it’s not the tombs. Sean Ochinko isn’t the guy I remembered as a kid and giggled when his name came up. Ochinko is in the minors, currently. Who was I thinking about? Let’s back to why I’m giggling. Chinko means penis and Ochinko I suppose is the honorific of penis. So in the end, this guy’s uniform is a joke in Japan. Years ago, another similar name stood firm. Bob! Bob Owchinko with the “w”. Owchinko. I remember laughing every time an announcer would mention his name. “It’s Bob...

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Chopsticks: The Art

Funny topic of choice by Kotaku, but chopsticks are important. Perhaps with the evolving nature of food and our less analog culture influence a change in how we use chopsticks. The speed of our meals could also be a factor. Maybe it’s the fact that we write less and type more, thus holding pens in a specific way is no longer as much of an issue. Perhaps eating fast food with our hands and less noodles make us not need them from an early age. All of these factors make a difference, but Kotaku shows the old school way of how. (Kotaku – Chopsticks)

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