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Godeleine de Rosamel in the LA Weekly

Article on Godeleine de Rosamel in the LA Weekly by Eva Recinos.  Illustrator Godeleine de Rosamel's book Drawing With Circles has a simple premise it lets young artists “create some of their very first masterpieces” by using just circles. On the cover, a dog with an orange body balances a beach ball on his little round nose. The idea is to get kids to unleash their creativity by drawing with shapes they already know. (Continued at the LA Weekly)

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Giant Robot Biennale 4 Press

LA Weekly Since its former life as a magazine and in its current existence as an art gallery and store, Giant Robot has a reputation for championing up-and-coming artistic talents, many of whom have gone on to acclaimed careers. Now the fourth edition of the Giant Robot Biennale returns to the Japanese American National Museum, bringing together some of the best known artists associated with the brand. James Jean's sketchbooks will be on display. Edwin Ushiro will have a re-creation of his own studio as part of the exhibition. Katsuya Terada is providing live art and the husband-wife duo kozyndan is creating a mural in the museum. Plus there will be works from the likes of Luke Chueh, Audrey Kawasaki...

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More Riot Stories

Hilarious photo. That’s Martin behind our friend John Lee who opines that the LAPD tried to deflect the Rodney King beating with another video – that of Latasha Harlins who was shot by a Korean merchant. The media was at fault as well. (LAWeekly – John Lee)

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