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For some, life begins and ends with pizza. After visiting a Belgian Beer bar, yes I admit I went to a bar, the pizza place next door is said to be the quality of crap. The bartender said that the place to go is Joe’s in Greenwich Village. It might be one of the best. Newbs like me tried the pepperoni first, but the real test is the simple cheese. That’s what 95% of the people walking in get.


That is Goh Nakamura at Grumpy’s Coffee. They use a Clover machine. See the phone on the table? Goh is tethered to it.

Caught in the act. That’s musician Jane Lui looking surprised and Zach Gage who created Spelltower. A hot iPhone game.


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In Korea, you have to serve two years of in the Army. He’s been in the public eye for a decade and at 29 is now enrolling in the military service. Yes, you have to do this in Korea. Athletes who win a gold medal can be exempt, perhaps because of the status they give to a nation, but a singer, dancer, or actor? No, they have to learn how to fight. At 29, this is a crucial time in his career. He hasn’t been in any successful Hollywood movie, but that little momentum from Ninja Assassin to Speed Racer will be long erased. In two years, what will change? By then will another Korean export fill his shoes? Probably not, but can he live with himself and away from the public ridicule if he doesn’t serve, yes. The photo and video below is from our buddy Rain’s appearance at Giant Robot NY. Yes those are Uglydolls in the background and Sun-min Kim’s Spiderboom!   [youtube]qhTWTN2K850[/youtube]
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