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Giant Robot Cardboard Dinosaurs T-Shirt

I went to playgrounds just like everyone else, but while my parents worked, my day care wasn’t close enough to a public park. The day care was on Mississippi Avenue near the Giant Robot stores in Sawtelle Japantown and run by Samantha Matsui or as everyone called her “Auntie Matsui”. I’m not sure if it was an official day care or not, but plenty of neighborhood folks trusted her with their kids. Today it’s the site of the parking lot for the building that houses ROC, Tsujita, and Seoul Sausage. On given days when I would be there for hours after elementary school, we’d make things. There was a factory of some sort nearby on Corinth across from the Sawtelle...

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GR Interview: Artist J*Ryu

GR: Welcome to Southern California. Tell me about your new place and your working studio set up situation? Thank you very much. I currently live in the South Bay with some fellow artists including Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin and Mathew Curran, a fellow North Carolinian that made the cross country move with me.  We have a converted loft in the back of our house where we can paint, cast resin and sculpt amongst other things, all to facilitate the different types of projects that each of us might be working on. It’s definitely a change from being in NC where I was essentially working in an artistic vacuum on my own – being amidst many artists that inspire me has...

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Uglydoll Snowflakes – How to Make Them

  Uglydoll Snowflakes! It’s not difficult. These are among the easier snowflakes to make including templates! Tools: Printer, scissors, X-Acto knife. Here’s how. a) Print out the template. b) Fold the paper. This seems simple, but it’s not as simple as you’d think. c) Cut out the dark portions and unfold!   Uglydoll Template   Tips: The cleaner you fold, the better the result. When using the X-Acto, cut layer by layer. Don’t attempt to cut through the entire piece at one time. How to fold the paper. Photo 3 is the front – Photo 4 is the back

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