Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

When times are tough, Giant Robot works harder to bring the best in asian pop culture and awesome merchandise! Working hard at Giant Robot throughout the week, I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend of doing ….NOTHING. And the best way to do nothing is to plop down on my bed and doze off in a huge pile of pillows and plushes! I’ve collected so many plushes, and I’ve learned that they make the best pillows. Recently, Giant Robot has received so many new plush dolls with each one more cuddly and soft than the previous. Click the photo above or the link below in order to check out all of our plush dolls: Giant Robot – Plushes Don’t forget to check out the recent introduction of the plush Pecanpals to our online store! These plush dolls are the newest release from Noferin, the creators of Jibibuts! The Pecanpals are characters that live on Carrara Island, an island that rises majestically from the Pacific Ocean with sharp mountain peaks on one side and thickly forested plains on the other. These characters have so many stories waiting for them! But in the meantime, these super soft plushes are available for everyone to enjoy!
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