Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Game Night is always a fun event. The evening had a summer vacation vibe as the area was filled with locals who were just cut free from school. Graduations just took place at the local colleges and everyone was happy to be out. It’s hard to capture the many little micro things going on at Game Night. The crowds came through in waves, so it went from packed, to light, to packed again. We had 4 different games, 5 stations, Yeren – a board game that’s part of Game Over, and even a marriage proposal.

The proposal. They were up from San Diego, he had told her that one day they’d go to a Game Night. He wore a different GR shirt during the day and had a costume change at some point, since at Game Night, he was wearing his proposal outfit. He got the ring a couple of months earlier. After playing games, checking things out, he played Yeren in front of Shelby Cinca and Sean Chao, and that’s where he popped the question. She said yes. Romantic dude. She was near shaking and fiddling with the ring nonstop. The photo below is just a few minutes later. Eventually, we hope to see their Flipcam video that someone shot. Game Night is magical.



The photos below is Glorkian Warriors shot from off the parking lot wall at Giant Robot 2. The art is by James Kochalka, and the Game play, Pixeljam. This will be a hit game. The animation is smooth and it feels like you’re in the Kochalka cartoon world. This is a fun one.

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