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Giant Robot Goods: New Jeni Yang art, Kumquat baby clothing, and more!

NOW AVAILABLE NEW WORK BY JENI YANG Artwork from our most recent exhibition at Giant Robot 2 is now available in our online gallery. KUMQUAT BABY CLOTHING GIANT ROBOT PRINT Kumquat is a longtime friend of Giant Robot. They create insanely cute and hip baby clothes like these featuring a pattern of the GR mascot. UGLYDOLL X FUNKO SDCC LIMITED EDITIONS We’re excited to carry special San Diego Comic-Con varieties of Funko’s popular Uglydoll vinyl figures. These super fresh varieties are a unique addition to any collection. WAGE 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY GR EDITION SIGNED BY DAVID HORVATH Celebrate Wage’s birthday by taking home your very own signed GR Edition. In addition, the box is signed by creator David Horvath and...

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Here Comes Uniqlo to the US

It’s happening. Uniqlo is on their secret mission of becoming the world’s largest retailer. Why is it that while the economy still blows, a giant can continue to get more giant. They’re not selling oil, gold or diamonds at inflated prices. They’re selling cotton and polyester. Often times nearly the same as clothing makers of the past… but, who are American. The Gap and Old Navy have been around, but Uniqlo? Sounds like a name for the ages. 20-30 new stores in the US in the next eight years? Sounds doable, especially when they’re charing low prices in high rents in Soho and 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NY. Much like IKEA revolutionized dorm rooms, first time home owners, and great...

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Cash Mob Helps a Shop

The idea of a cash mob sounds just as great as a flash mob. Imagine, people pooling together to shop at a single place that might not get their business at all in a year. It might only last an hour, but that hour might help out a shop for a week. Yes, maybe you’re not getting that exact brand or it might even cost a bit more, but the extra money spent is the same as a single beer that you drink at an expensive bar and you probably pound down 3 or 4. That designer truck taco that you eat standing up in the cold, the expensive single slice of pizza (and you eat 2), all this is...

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