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Thrash Lab X Giant Robot Profiles Video : Edwin Ushiro

[youtube]YPw1RwjmyZQ[/youtube]   It was fun shooting Edwin Ushiro who is equally entertaining. His interview reveals that his recent work is about small regrets from his past. From Elementary, middle and high school in Hawaii. He makes it perfect in his art. The interview took place at his home studio in Culver City. Thanks to Thrash Lab for this fourth video of the six. Thanks to Goh Nakamura for the music, Anthony Batt for the vision, Ashton Kutcher for the channel and tripod, Thrash Lab staff for the Post, Tony Sugano for the extra hand and Edwin for the interview.  

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Thrash Lab Profiles x Giant Robot Artist Series Videos

We’re partnering up with Thrash Lab and set up a series of Artist Profiles. Thrash lab link. They’ll appear at 9:30am PT – First one is tomorrow! Tuesday, March 5th – Rob Sato Tuesday, March 12th – Luke Chueh Tuesday March 26th – Sean Chao Tuesday, April 2nd – Edwin Ushiro Tuesday, April 9th – David Horvath Tuesday, April 16th – Shizu Saldamando

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