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Channel LA18 Chinese TV - Tsou LA

Giant Robot on LA18. This was shot years ago and it's still in circulation. Although they could have filmed just about anything, the Taiwanese host from Tsou LA - the name of the program gravitated towards Sean Chao in that telepathic way. They later did a segment on him as well. They also featured Giant Robot Store and told the Uglydoll story. I have yet to see it and maybe it's ok that I haven't. It's not on the TsouLA Youtube channel, but I did find this screen shot featuring hostess Bell Tsou. I have yet to see it.

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giant robot time 10.17.14 | Jawbreaker Day, new Uglydolls, James Jean Tattoos art by: tiffany liu

giant robot time 10.17.14 | art by: tiffany liu   Jawbreaker Day with Drummer Adam PfahlerSaturday, October 18, 3 PMCelebrate the 20th Anniversary reissue of 24 HOUR REVENGE THERAPY with Adam Pfahler, drummer of Jawbreaker at GR2.He will talk, read, show photos, and sign albums. You can ask him questions about anything, including the feature doc on the band that's in the works and the kind of sticks he uses.Order...

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Uglycon Event – Uglydoll Ice-bat Turns 10 and a Marriage Proposal

Uglycon 2014 Ice-bat Turns 10. It began years ago and now it’s back in “Phase Two.” After a few Uglycons, then a hiatus, and now completed second year in a row, the event is better than ever. It’s hard to top the madness of last years event, since it was the “Return of Uglycon” which was insanely ambitious except for an even larger endeavor this year – a secret marriage proposal hatched over messenger months ago. Nick Caruana and Kim Chadwick from Buffalo, New York made a trip last year, and became friends of Uglydoll and Giant Robot. Uglycon began months ago, as bits and pieces of planning hatched and the chain of events for the day were planned. What...

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