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Thrash Lab Profiles x Giant Robot Artist Series Videos

We’re partnering up with Thrash Lab and set up a series of Artist Profiles. Thrash lab link. They’ll appear at 9:30am PT – First one is tomorrow! Tuesday, March 5th – Rob Sato Tuesday, March 12th – Luke Chueh Tuesday March 26th – Sean Chao Tuesday, April 2nd – Edwin Ushiro Tuesday, April 9th – David Horvath Tuesday, April 16th – Shizu Saldamando

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Adrian Tomine’s New Yorker Cover

“Where I was in Brooklyn, I don’t think I would have even known that there was a major storm happening,” says Adrian Tomine, the artist of next week’s cover, “Undeterred.” He continues: So I spent the whole night glued to the Internet and watching everything unfolding, just being shocked that this kind of dramatic destruction was happening just miles outside my home. And I started thinking about how it would affect the election. This is a first for me in terms of doing [a cover] that’s topical with a quick turnaround; and somehow, these two significant events just came together into that one image for me. Tomine adds: For all its really horrible effects, I feel like the storm has...

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Jimmy Mirikitani Subject of “Cats of Mirikitani” 1920-2012

Jimmy Mirikitani, the subject of Linda Hattendorf’s great documentary, “Cats of Mirikitani” has passed away. The documentary brought to light numerous issues, from homelessness, mental health, Concentration Camps and 9/11. All of which affected the artist. Watch the doc if you get a chance. It’s worth seeing. (Nikkeiview – Mirikitani) [youtube]PtNM-6FqtCM[/youtube]

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