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Jeremy Lin Meets and Beats the Knicks

The most watched player by Asian Americans is still Jeremy Lin. The season is long and sometimes we forget about the guy, yet he’s trucking along and played well against his old team. He was a hero last year, this year, he’s quickly becoming status quo which is a great. Why not an Asian American playing well in the NBA? 22pts 8 assists. [youtube]fP387y4P1MY[/youtube] Youtubelink

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LGBT Asians in Photos

It’s a list. 54 in all. Of course it’s a starting point missing plenty including ex football players, Onch, visual artists, writers, and more? This list is littered with fashion, glam, and more. Are these really the most influential as the title suggests? We’re calling it a good effort list. (Huffpo – LGBT Asians) That’s the Captain!

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