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Japan’s Nendo Design

Cool piece about Nendo Design in the NY Times. From high design to standard form and function, the “small” design group that began in 2002 always makes a splash at design and furniture fairs. Their early works were of a different scale and budget but their works are usually fun. The article is inspiring and it makes you wish you were doing this too – and maybe you can. (NY Times – Nendo) The early Bubble Wrap Calendar is one to remember. Imagining popping a bubble each time… Affordable and cool. That’s how a lot of design companies need to start. Today, it’s off to the races. With Porter they make bags.   Furniture? Of course!  

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GR2 – Dec 3 – Dec 30 Meat Bun Holiday Pop Up Store

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – HOLIDAY Pop Up Store at Giant Robot 2 Meat Bun HOLIDAY Pop Up Store at Giant Robot 2 Saturday December 3 – December 30th, 2011 at GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 445-9276   Giant Robot is proud to host the Meat Bun HOLIDAY Pop Up Store at Giant Robot 2. For one month, a new line and some of the classic favorites of Meat Bun clothing will be available. Meat Bun is a Southern California based company featuring video games graphics fused with a creative and thoughtful energy. Their t-shirts often use a graphic that’s inspired from a game that’s been recreated into an aesthetic more inline with an artistic work....

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Baby Cafe in Japan

  You’d think that a Baby Cafe in Japan would be more perv. You, dressed up in a bib, baby clothing your size, a big breasted mamma serving up some different concoction of milk, a bonnet, a giant stroller, a huge crib, yes, you’re a perv if you thought this. Not us. But this is something more regular, it’s a cafe for the little ones that is designed for the little ones. It’s “legit” but not “legit” Akihabara. This one is in high rent area, Aoyama, where luxury stores live next to one another. It’s designed by Nendo and has a Tom Petty music video feel going on.. (Wired – Baby Cafe / Designboom – Baby Cafe)        ...

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