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GR Interview: Jim A of Toy Boarders

  GR: Did you grow up with Army Men? Jim A: ¬†Yeah I grew up with army men. As a kid I set them all up then I’d get rocks and destroy the battlefield. The ones the dog chewed up were the injured soldiers. GR: Explain how you came up with the idea of skateboarders in the Classic Army Men style? Jim A: I saw what was already out there & I thought how cool it would be to make them based off of the old school toy soldiers that I grew up with. Keep them simple & cheap, but they had to look cool & realistic. I saw other things out there and they were sort of corny. They...

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GR2 Yukinori Dehara World Wide Panty Flash Installed

Yukinori Dehara’s array of goods is quite impressive. You’ll only be able to get most of these things at Giant Robot 2.   Each figure comes with a head. It’s the one who’s watching the panties. The figures are paper clay. There’s 45 of them total.   These are the custom figures. Quite great, inexpensive, and you get the painted box too.   David Horvath and Sun-min and Mina stopped in.   That’s a watcher for sure. Look at the excitement.

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