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Giant Robot 2 Gallery is proud to present Year of the Monkey Artists include:   Aaron Brown, Alexander Vidal, Allison Cole, Ayumi Takahashi, Brian Luong, Caitlin Anne, Candie Bolton, Cassia Lupo, Christy Saguanpong, Dan Goodsell, Dan-ah Kim, David Horvath, Delfin Finley,...
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Giant Robot is presents  – The World is Watching Exhibition of Work by Dan Goodsell, Flat Bonnie, Joey Chou, Kwanchai Moriya, Ryuca, and Tiffany Liu The World is WatchingOctober 4 - October 22, 2014Opening Reception with the Artist: Saturday, October 4th, 6:30-10:00...
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On Tuesday morning, I got to check out a preview of the L.A. Heat: Taste Changing Condiments group show at the Chinese Museum. The impressive 30-artist lineup–which pays tribute to the Sriracha and Tapatio hot sauces that spread culture around L.A. and beyond–features many names that will be familiar to Giant Robot heads: The Clayton Brothers, David Chung, Kwanchai Moriya… I grabbed a photo with contributing artist Michael C. Hsiung and co-curator/Interim Executive Director of CAM Steve Wong in advance of the packed opening. Also present on press day were artists Trinh Mai, Michael Massenburg, and Ching Ching Cheng–each is as cool as her or she is talented. Tonight’s gala will be open to the public and will feature most of the artists as well as the inventors of the Southern California-based Sriracha and Tapatio, David Tran and Jose-Luis Saavedra, Sr. Excellent art, culinary legends, and a cool museum celebrating its tenth anniversary–check it out tonight in El Pueblo de Los Angeles, right across from Olvera Street! Reception info - Address - Chinese American Museum 425 N. Los Angeles Street Los Angeles, CA 90012      
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1) Explain about your work area / studio. What about it makes you enjoy working there?

My studio is a humble corner of my room. Ideally, my studio would be a beautiful old warehouse with skylights. But, temporarily, it’s a large brown rug I got from Ikea in one corner of a room, atop which sits my drafting table, chair, and other such artsy things. I share it with spiders and ants, since I guess my place is pretty old and has lots of nooks and crannies. I like listening to podcasts when I work, especially RadioLab and This American Life.

2) How does it differ from your last working area?

My last studio was a different corner of my room. I rearranged my room a few months ago, and decided I could go with a new studio space. So I relocated to another corner, it’s been great!

3) You have other endeavors along with your fine art. Can you talk about what you do there, and how that intertwines with your work? 

Besides my paintings, I do a lot of freelance illustrating in a completely different style from my paintings. Mostly, I’ve been getting a lot of work doing illustrations for board games and children’s books. And I enjoy it just as much as working on a painting, but it uses a different part of my brain. And I enjoy the chance to do different kinds of things. I also do some woodworking. I’ve been making wood toys as a side project for the past year or so. I’m really grateful to have the chance to do different art things. I think I’m the kind of person that would feel very stuck if I had to do the same kind of art over and over again.

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