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Giant Robot Time – Dehara, Ellsworth, Risograph, Uglydoll 7.20.12

    THEO ELLSWORTH AT GR2 JULY 28 – AUGUST 15, 2012 RECEPTION: SATURDAY, JULY 28, 6:30-10PM Theo Ellsworth draws obsessively detailed drawings and self-publishes comics, mini comics, and zines about imaginary people and places. The cosmic imagery, subtle geometry, and implied animism in his works recall the epic, heroic, and odd imagery of Jean “Moebius” Girard, Mayan ruins, and the Nazca lines, filtered through the jam-packed and often psychedelic lens of underground comix from the ’70s. (Ellsworth’s first “real” book, Capacity, was weird, wordy, and wonderful, and published by Secret Acres in 2008.) Taking part in art shows affords the Portland, OR-based artist opportunities to experiment with color, explore larger frames, and let his imagination fly–or spelunk or dive,...

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GR2 Workshop: July 29th 1-6pm: Risograph Printing Workshop II

Announcing Risograph Printing Workshop II with Never Press. If you don’t know what Risograph is, here’s your chance. The fine folks at Never Press will bring their Risograph machine for you to try. Basically Risograph looks like a photocopier, but it’s not. It’s more akin to a silkscreen press since it runs like a printing press – complete with plate and ink (not toner). They will change the inks so you can layer multiple colors as well. Suggested donations of $3, but if you want to print more, you can do that too. July 29th 1-6pm, 2012 at Giant Robot 2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd, LA, CA 90025   Here are photos from the first Risograph Workshop.  

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