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Announcing Risograph Printing Workshop II with Never Press. If you don’t know what Risograph is, here’s your chance. The fine folks at Never Press will bring their Risograph machine for you to try. Basically Risograph looks like a photocopier, but it’s not. It’s more akin to a silkscreen press since it runs like a printing press – complete with plate and ink (not toner). They will change the inks so you can layer multiple colors as well. Suggested donations of $3, but if you want to print more, you can do that too. July 29th 1-6pm, 2012 at Giant Robot 2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd, LA, CA 90025   Here are photos from the first Risograph Workshop.  
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We all have interests that takes us away. Our postcard image by Australian artist Paul Robertson is hyper dense and 8-bit influenced. Jude Buffum from Philadelphia crosses 8-bit art and social and pop culture commentary. Monyo Monyo from Japan creates wearable masks that are furry and powerful. Feric from Taiwan is known for his delicate and cyber-detailed pieces. Originally from Taiwan but now a resident of Los Angeles, Sean Chao creates astonishing dioramic worlds. French from England evokes metal music and its iconography. Meat Bun, our comrades from multiple pop up shops and Game Night events will display some of their iconic work. In attendance for the opening will be Paul Robertson, Sean Chao and the trio who make Meat Bun. View the exhibit.


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Yes, Never Press are bringing an actual RISOGRAPH machine into GR2. You can learn how to make prints that look like silkscreens in multi-colors. Yes, there’s a donation of $3 or more for the materials. This stuff costs. But bring what you’re interested in printing, and of course if it’s in multi colors, bring the layers of pages. You’ll be able to create imagery to print on the spot as well. It’s 1-6pm, no you don’t have to be here the entire day!  
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