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      To our great customers, Like the giant big box stores around the nation, which we’ll never be… We’re also throwing our caps into the Black Friday madness, except there will be no running, pushing or sleepovers! Our Black Friday is simple. For our online friends, take 20% off merchandise. This doesn’t include art unfortunately, but it does include the many fine items that are online. The online sale begins at 12 noon PST. Use the magic code: 20GRBF In our physical store, for our Los Angeles friends and family, we’re doing something a bit different. With a purchase over $40, enjoy a free Giant Robot T-Shirt. We have plenty of designs to choose from. Pick one! By shopping with Giant Robot this holiday, you’re supporting an independent company who strives to do things right! Thanks much. Click to shop with us. KIKKERLAND COSMOJETZ WINDUP Eight legs means eight times more flailing and bouncing. KIKKERLAND AWIKA WINDUP The all-terrain vehicle of desk toys. GIANT ROBOT – BIENNALE 3 LOGO T-SHIRT New take on Giant Robot’s classic Big Boss Robot logo. SUSIE GHAHREMANI FOX, BIRD & DEER T-SHIRT Printed live during Susie Ghahremani’s latest exhibition. SUSIE GHAHREMANI TO DO LIST NOTEPAD Cute hummingbird and record player illustrations adorns the top. SUSIE GHAHREMANI TO DO LIST NOTEPAD We have a variety of cute notepads to choose from. SUSIE GHAHREMANI LONG NOTEPADS Write notes for friends and family with a smile. SUSIE GHAHREMANI MINI NOTEPAD SET Tiny notespads for tiny (or huge) tasks. ZONEPLEX BOARD GAME RELEASE PARTY AND GAME NIGHT SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 6:30-10PM Giant Robot, Angry Bananas, Attractmode, Mysterian Games, and Meat Bun Presents: Zoneplex – a board game! Created by gamers, Shelby Cinca and Niklas Akerblad is a game that’s part of the new movement of analog board games which are back. Instead of the typical Monopoly, Risk, etc, a new generation of board games are emerging and Zoneplex is one of them. If analog gaming isn’t your cup of tea, then don’t despair. Also featured will be digital games created by the same developers. More info. Facebook event. JEROME LU READING AND SIGNING SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2-4PM POST-IT SHOW 8 DECEMBER 8 – DECEMBER 16 BEGINS: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8, 6-10PM Click to view the roster of artists. More info. Facebook event.         GR2: SUSIE GHAHREMANI WORK AND NON WORK PHOTO SET 1 By GIANT ROBOT NEWS Thank you to the attendees of last weekend’s opening reception as well as Dean Gojobori, Cate Park, and Tony Sugano for the pics. >> ADAM PFAHLER ON JAWBREAKER’S BIVOUAC AND CHESTERFIELD KING REISSUES By MARTIN WONG I asked Blackball Records label honcho and Jawbreaker drummer Adam Pfahler about revisiting his old band with singer/guitarist Blake Schwarzenbach and bass player Chris Bauermeister. He responded with detailed and revealing answers, as well as an awesome behind-the-scenes Polaroid shot by our mutually loved and missed friend Lance Hahn. >> 2015 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles,...
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Susie Ghahremani is busy preparing a solo exhibition that starts this Saturday at GR2. Everyone already knows what an amazing painter, illustrator, crafter, and person she is, but I went ahead and asked her some questions to get a sneak peek and get everyone amped up about hanging out with a rad artist and my good friend on Sawtelle.

MW: Among your piles of projects from products to commissions to group shows, I’d imagine solo art exhibitions are special. Can you talk about that?
SG: Solo shows are so special; they are also absolutely terrifying. It’s thrilling to bring paintings into one room as a body of work rather than disembodied studies, experiments, and commissions. There is an overarching theme and style and it’s important and rare to have the opportunity to merge it in a realm outside of my brain.

I also love meeting the people who come to my shows, especially a place like GR2 which has been my art home for so long. Most of my work is done in isolation in a small space, and opening it up to public reaction in a large, adaptable space is really nurturing for me. It kind of completes the whole art-making cycle.

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