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Giant Robot Presents Work and Non Work An Exhibition by Susie Ghahremani. Susie Ghahremani’s work is eye catching and quickly heart warming. Her painting style is smooth and echoes her life long interests in nature, animals, music and patterns. Ghahremani graduated from RISD in 2002 and continues her own business, “boygirlparty” in various forms including gift items, crafts and more. This exhibition, Work and Non Work (the title borrowed from an album by Broadcast) “emphasizes the experimentation and play of my miniatures and drawings that I’ll be showing juxtaposed with the framed pieces.” An opening reception for Susie Ghahremani will take place from 6:30 – 10:00 PM on Saturday, November 17th 6:30 – 10pm. Exhibition: November 17th – December 5th 2012 Reception: Saturday, November 17th, 6:30 – 10:00 PM GR2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025 For more information about Susie Ghahremani, GR2, or anything else:
Eric Nakamura Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
(310) 445 9276
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To most, Giant Robot Biennale 3 at JANM is simply the biggest, best group show that an indie artist can be associated with. It isn’t very often that pop-rooted, independent fine artists (Asian or not) are given a top-shelf venue to gather and shine. Eric does a rad job of cultivating this scene, and has built up a real family of artists in the process. I am really proud to have worked with him on the magazine that has showcased so many of them.

So as the end of publication nears its two year mark, attending the opening felt a lot like a family reunion to me. I hardly get out to Sawtelle these days, and see Eric and the artists pretty rarely. So while it was especially cool to see the amazing art on the first day (such as the sculpture by Ako Castuera, above) it was just as rad to see so many people that I have grown close to (like the Big Boss Robot and his family, below).

Okay, it’s not like I knew everyone there. After I answered the person who checked me in that I was with four guests instead of one, she looked annoyed and asked, “Are you an artist?” No, but I quickly took the stickers for my wife Wendy (who designed GR mags 18-68), daughter Eloise, niece Lucia, and cousin visiting from New Zealand and moved on.

Right after the opening remarks by Eric and JANM representatives, Wendy and I saw our friends Susie Ghahremani and Michael Esten. They drove up from San Diego in time for the Chickfactor concert and stuck around to see Susie’s customs in the opening!

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I apologize in advance for being the guy who puts up a blog about something cool that’s impossible to acquire. My brother getting married last week provided an opportunity for me to help make a print zine for the first time since Robot Power (the stapled-and-folded half issues between Giant Robot 17 through 21). The first couple of spreads had the ceremony program, thanks list, menu, and seating chart. After that, a full-on zine!

Serious Giant Robot readers will be familiar with much of the contents and vibe. It was conceptualized, designed, and laid out by San Diego artist and wedding speaker/guest Susie Ghahremani, who has been featured in the magazine and shown at the art galleries. Giant Robot readers will also be familiar with interview subject and wedding weekend contributor Goh Nakamura, who has also been in the pages of GR and performed at GR events.

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  Susie Ghahremani is a long time artist and supporter of Giant Robot. Some of her most popular work are tiny pieces that gave her major hand problems in the past, but the results are a beautiful array of birds, trees, and other spirited images. It’s hard to show just one or two Susie Ghahremani artworks since her career is expanding into products by Chronicle Books including a travel journal called Bon Voyage. You can see her works and more at her site   Susie is also working on a picture book which will be out in 2013, illustrations in the Bust – Diy Guide to Life book, and has an exhibition currently in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A strange link is her affinity for the game of Sudoku. She even illustrates the covers of Sudoku books. Take a look! Her works continue to balance cute, technical, and colorful. We also feature some of Susie’s goods at our own site like the print above. Please take a look and watch for Susie Ghahremani at Giant Robot 2 in 2012. If you haven’t had enough of Susie just from the above, there’s even more:
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