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Artist Interiew: Maggie Chiang - Through the Woods

Jennifer Bequio: Seeing your pieces in Through the Woods, it has a very calm and quiet nature to it.  Can you describe what influences your work? MC: A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. I love to travel, and my favorite places have always been these quiet beautiful landscapes. Just being able to sit down on top of a hill above the clouds, for example Mt. Tam near Berkeley, CA, and be able to just take in everything around me is really wonderful. It's hard to be able to have those moments, especially living in a busy city like Los Angeles. So, I guess in my work I try to reflect on those moments, and in a way re-live...

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Artist Interview Aaron Russell Brown - Through the Woods

Jennifer Bequio: For the show Through the Woods I noticed there’s a common element of humor in your pieces. Can you talk a little about this? Aaron Russell Brown: Sure. I think it’s just a reflection of my own values.  It’s what I’m interested in, just in general with life, with people, and with images in art I see. And by images I mean movies or any sort of creative expression, and I just think that it’s what I know most about.  So I’m just trying to make what I know. JB: So humor shapes your art? AB: Yeah, it’s what shapes my own personality. It just is something that I feel I’m being honest with what I like to express. So if I...

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GR2: Through the Woods - Aaron Brown, Brooks Salzwedel, Cassia Lupo, Maggie Chiang, Mika Nitta, Stasia Burrington, Susie Ghahremani

Through the Woods GR2 - 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 May 7 - May 25th Reception May 7th Sat 6:30-10pm Featuring: Aaron Brown, Brooks Salzwedel, Cassia Lupo, Maggie Chiang, Mika Nitta, Stasia Burrington, Susie Ghahremani The title appears like a portion of a nursery rhyme but it's hardly that. When you compile the artists involved, you'll see an array of obvious matches and some less literal. All artists have some symbiosis with nature. Aaron Brown has implements both 2d and 3d elements in his investigation, Brooks Salzwedel takes on nature directly and creates vignettes of landscapes, Cassia Lupo uses an illustrative viewpoint and great penmanship, Maggie Chiang captures beauty and the sublime in her scenes, Mike Nitta from Japan and...

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