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GR Interview: Jim A of Toy Boarders

  GR: Did you grow up with Army Men? Jim A:  Yeah I grew up with army men. As a kid I set them all up then I’d get rocks and destroy the battlefield. The ones the dog chewed up were the injured soldiers. GR: Explain how you came up with the idea of skateboarders in the Classic Army Men style? Jim A: I saw what was already out there & I thought how cool it would be to make them based off of the old school toy soldiers that I grew up with. Keep them simple & cheap, but they had to look cool & realistic. I saw other things out there and they were sort of corny. They...

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Giant Robot Podcast: Luke Rook the Apprentice Toy Maker

Luke Rook has always been a friend to Giant Robot. He began his recent career in toys by opening Lulubell Toy Bodega in Arizona and soon moved to Japan where his career turned. From being a “toy buyer” he’s now a toy maker. In this podcast, Luke Rook explains some of the mysteries of the Japanese toy making scene. In a matter of a few years after moving, he’s unlocked the “system” of striking up vinyl figures from serious mom and pops factories. One of the greatest facets of Luke is his sheer honesty and frankness which is shaping a new sub genre of “kaiju”. He still calls himself an apprentice, but that’ll change soon enough. Here’s a link to...

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Giant Robot and GR2 Now – 12/13 Holiday Toy Drive

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Giant Robot’s Annual Toy and Gift Donation Drive for Aviva Family and Children’s Services NOW – December 13, 2011 Giant Robot 2015 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 478-1819 GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 445-9276 It’s easier to help someone than it is to ask for help. Here’s a chance for you to work out your giving/receiving muscles – drop off some donated items at Giant Robot 2 for Aviva Family and Children’s Services! They do good things all year long, and they’re probably like everyone else right now, working really hard to try to make resources last and keep spirits up. In exchange we’ll give you a 25%...

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