Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

This was the end of an era. Michelle Borok – who some of you know or don’t know has left the building. After 7 years or more, the employee who left an indelible mark on shops and art in LA and beyond is leaving for Northern Mongolia. On saturday, LA experienced warm weather. Even at night, a light jacket would suffice. Across the globe, it was -50.

Some of the photos from Year of the Dragon are happy and the room was filled with artists. Some young, some older and a few of them asked, “is that Michelle?” The answer, “Yes she is” – no matter where she’s at.


No crying here.


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Ako Castuera holding her two pieces for Year of the Dragon. Watch for her solo show at GR2 in the coming months. She’s one of my favorites and will be one of yours one day soon.


Sometimes you just have to eat Kimchee. I enjoy it when it has that fresh taste and the cabbage is still crunchy. Why is it that sometimes, iPhone 3s take great pics and sometimes they don’t?


Luke Chueh and his piece for Year of the Dragon. Yes, it has a deep meaning and a background story. It’s always awesome when a guy like Luke participates in our shows.

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