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Giant Robot 2 Year of the Dragon Opening Reception

This was the end of an era. Michelle Borok – who some of you know or don’t know has left the building. After 7 years or more, the employee who left an indelible mark on shops and art in LA and beyond is leaving for Northern Mongolia. On saturday, LA experienced warm weather. Even at night, a light jacket would suffice. Across the globe, it was -50. Some of the photos from Year of the Dragon are happy and the room was filled with artists. Some young, some older and a few of them asked, “is that Michelle?” The answer, “Yes she is” – no matter where she’s at.   No crying here.  

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Ten Things in 2011

This isn’t a Top Ten list like “Best Concert, Best Movie, or Best Toy”. It’s a list that’s as important and there are highlights in them all, but by no means is it a Top Ten of anything. They’re just important as everything else – family, friends, and so on. Maybe I’ll try and turn out a list that’s more like that…    We painted the mural on the wall. That alone was an 11 hour project.    Zen Garage – The year started off great with the Zen Garage art opening just a few days before the new year. Yet, the actual New Year’s Day kicked off with the Oshogatsu program at JANM. It was motor vehicles including the...

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