Giant Robot Store and GR2 News

Ryan McGinness glances and makes eye contact to a question asker, during his entertaining and informative lecture at Giant Robot 2 on Friday, May 27th, 2o11 as part of his 2011 Los Angeles Tour. McGinness and his staff graciously added Giant Robot to his schedule of events and on a calm Southern California friday evening and night, his fans and passers by enjoyed gr/eats made BBQ Chili dogs and Chili burgers, an outdoor projection of a “vintage” McGinness animated video, lecture, and a signing of his books and products. One of our favorite pages captures nearly everything. On the left side, something akin to a butterfly. It’s part of McGinness’s “pretty” imagery, but at the same time, it’s juxtapozed by the “balls” to add masculinity. The bottom left appears to be a sketch for one of his large scale paintings which we learned isn’t orchestrated necessarily by the exact placing of each “icon” screen, but more so as a whole. McGinness did seem to be in a place to perhaps explore the placement of each screen in the future. On the right, a tape cassette that says “Love”, and it’s being torn apart. It’s a sad image. McGinness is often designing buttons, t-shirts, and products which are often never made. They live in his sketchbook. Images from his sketchbook lived on the window at Giant Robot 2 throughout the weekend. [nggallery id=16]
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