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Milk Tea, Green Tea, and Taro Boba Pins

I remember the first shop serving boba was Relaxstation on Sawtelle Blvd. It must have been in the later 90s. By that time, there were some shops in Monterey Park and boba soon became a craze. Years later it became available at too many places and restaurants began to serve it as well. Here's an article in 2000 from the NY Daily News. I'm quoted in it saying, "I don't think it's going to be huge," I said that?! However, I do include it in my list of "50 Pop Culture Influentials." Sawtelle Blvd was inundated in the early 2000s and I even helped NPR's Laura Sydell cover it for NPR. I took her to Volcano Tea, which was on of five...

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COMIC-CON ~ Batman’s Scott Snyder: Why Comics Still Matter

Again, this year it seems every form of mainstream media has sent a reporter to Comic-Con without even realizing why. Oogle the scantily clad cosplay girls. See the freaks. That’s it for another year. Back to the studio. What media usually fails to explain, it took best-selling author-turned-comic book writer Scott Snyder to break it down for everyone: “I know there’s a perception of comics; that they’re bombastic and fun, and there are those comics, but for a lot of us, comics are also a place where I bring everything I ever brought to anything literary,” Snyder says. “The only reason I’m happy doing comics and I don’t miss literary fiction is because every kind of dark and fascinating, exciting...

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NPR: Manju is Not Candy

C’mon NPR, manju is not candy and fresh manju doesn’t last for days. This covers a new shop in Seattle called Umai-do that’s been open only a year which is remarkable. Most manju shops have been around for decades. This is the key point in the story which should be the focus. These shops may one day disappear. (NPR – manju)

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