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Giant Robot Cardboard Dinosaurs T-Shirt

I went to playgrounds just like everyone else, but while my parents worked, my day care wasn’t close enough to a public park. The day care was on Mississippi Avenue near the Giant Robot stores in Sawtelle Japantown and run by Samantha Matsui or as everyone called her “Auntie Matsui”. I’m not sure if it was an official day care or not, but plenty of neighborhood folks trusted her with their kids. Today it’s the site of the parking lot for the building that houses ROC, Tsujita, and Seoul Sausage. On given days when I would be there for hours after elementary school, we’d make things. There was a factory of some sort nearby on Corinth across from the Sawtelle...

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Big Development and Neighborhood - Martin Expo Project and WLASNC - Neighborhood Council Member Update #1

I'll be writing sporadic updates about my life in the West LA Sawtelle Neighborhood Council. This will be a series of occasional writings. The WLASNC meetings are public and recorded.  Great job WLA. The largest crowd thus far in my short tenure came to see the WLASNC (West LA Sawtelle Neighborhood Council) Board meeting. I realize this is like a variety show. The President of the Board is Jamie Keeton. She's basically like a talk show host or a judge of a court. The guests who come and speak are as interesting as their subject matter. If they're funnier, I suppose that helps. If they have super substantial material then that too helps.  The big feature of the show last night...

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Milk Tea, Green Tea, and Taro Boba Pins

I remember the first shop serving boba was Relaxstation on Sawtelle Blvd. It must have been in the later 90s. By that time, there were some shops in Monterey Park and boba soon became a craze. Years later it became available at too many places and restaurants began to serve it as well. Here's an article in 2000 from the NY Daily News. I'm quoted in it saying, "I don't think it's going to be huge," I said that?! However, I do include it in my list of "50 Pop Culture Influentials." Sawtelle Blvd was inundated in the early 2000s and I even helped NPR's Laura Sydell cover it for NPR. I took her to Volcano Tea, which was on of five...

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