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Scientists Make Bald Mouse Grow Hair

[youtube]X-ozhTM0svM[/youtube] Japanese scientists have transplanted hair onto a mouse and the follicle cells actually bound to nerves and tissue, sprouting from 74% of the follicles implanted. They even used human hair on the mouse and it worked. Scary thought and ideas starting to happen here. The new tattoo might be hair transplants in odd places. (WSJ – Mouse)

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Hair Washing Robot by Panasonic

This contraption washes your hair is made by Panasonic. Imagine for the injured, paralyzed, arthritic, or just plain lady, this chair set up will wash those locks! Imagine a salon with these everywhere. Perhaps you can just walk in and pay $1 for a hair wash… This isn’t looking that great, and they’re not willing to test it on a person? It must have a ways to go. Robots aren’t always great, this one look to be one of them. (Reuters – Wash Hair)

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