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No… not a new Olympic sport (although I can think of some countries that could produce gold medal contenders), but it turns out that in Korea, late night snack sales are getting a big Olympic boost. Dried squid, beer, and crunchy treats are helping Korean sports fans make it through the 24 hours of news from London. No wonder everyone is glued to their Samsung screens! South Korea has been racking up the medals, despite some setbacks, with the current count at 12. That gives them a third place ranking in medal acquisitions, behind #2 USA (30 with 13 golds), and #1 China (30 with 17 golds). Koreans take their Olympics seriously. We know that their fencers do! Shin Lam was following in a South Korean Olympic  tradition of exhibiting Olympic han when wronged. Back in the 1998 Seoul Olympics, Byun Jong-Il led the way, staging a tearful sit-in when a controversial call had been made, although, it was later suspected that some Korean-born corruption was involved. Han is a multi-facted and dangerous beast… Do yourself a karmic favor to ward it off and buy a Korean a beer. (KBS World)  
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