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Karate Robo Zaborgar Review – Showing at Los Angeles Film Festival, sponsored by Giant Robot

[youtube]PdnnC43Cotw[/youtube]   In our age of Green Lantern, X Men, and the upcoming Avenger series, Japan has their own super hero redo, and it’s Zaborgar, a 70s kids superhero known as “Denjin Zaboga” which was a motorcycle that transformed into a robot to fight enemies using the commands by his helmet wearing “master”, Yutaka Daimon. But unlike the superhero movies produced by Hollywood that are now focusing on perfect CG and reality, this film is sort of an Austen Powers version that spends a good deal of time poking fun at the fiction and glorifying the groovy 70s. Some of the jokes are loud but some are so subtle, they challenge you to find more.   The beginning half puts the...

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